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Susie Jimenez Productions

Carbondale Co 81623

Phone:  (970) 948-4096

Email:  susiespiceitup@gmail.com

Web Link:  https://www.facebook.com/SusieJimenezSpiceItUp/


I have been in the valley for over seventeen years with many experiences to serve the valley. 
Shopping and organizing for a kitchen is crucial to any successful and active lifestyle. Let me put your kitchen together to make you want to cook and experiment more. There are some ingredients and utensils that are a must in kitchens. Do you want to learn how to use them? How to flow in a kitchen? 

Maybe having a person hands on cooking class will help you get inspiration to cook the things you like to eat, understand how they should taste. You might already know how to cook but want to get innovative with your style and ingredients. We can include friends or family to memories in the kitchen. The party does always end up in the kitchen. 

If you like to entertain, have a special event coming up, or want to make a special dinner happen. I can provide the staff to create a NO-STRESS event, not even a finger will have to be lifted to have fun. Your next business meeting can allow you to concentrate on what you have to express while we situate the set up, serving and break down. 

Food preparation to start your week right is something that can be important to many, but there simply is not enough time. Dropping off prepared meals for your breakfast set up, lunch on the go, snacks and dinner for heat up
can make you healthier, stay on budget.  You know what you are putting in your body and eat what you like. 

There are always events happening, but there are so many details to think of, to make happen, on a budget, with likes and dislikes. I can plan a event so that it's effortless, beautiful and memorable. Experience every minute of the special day. Talk to everyone you've invited knowing that every detail that was thought will be followed through.

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Available for purchase
Tomatillo hot sauce $5.00 per bottle. tangy, spicy and floral flavors.
Purchase by email, susiespiceitup@gmail.com, to make arrangements for delivery/pick up.


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