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Linda McKinley, Branch Manager | Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
811 Colorado Avenue
Glenwood Springs

Phone:  970.945.4001

Email:  lmckinley@fairwaymc.com

Web Link:  https://www.lindamckinley.com/


Linda began her mortgage lending career in 1994 after 20 years as a real estate broker.

We are a full service mortgage company specializing in helping clients integrate their mortgage into their overall long and short-term financial and investment plans

There are likely many people in your life that you trust to give you advice – from friends and family to business professionals. You may have a CPA who assists you with your taxes and a financial advisor who lends their knowledge on how to invest what you earn. You might even have a nanny who helps care for your children, or hire services for your lawn or home maintenance.

Hiring professionals is a great way to ensure that you have the best person in place to help you with decisions, which is why working with a Mortgage Planner is incredibly important. At Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we take the time to discuss your overall financial objectives, look closely at your credit and spending, and work with you to determine what the best loan for your life will be. After all, buying a home is usually the largest financial decision you will make, and you will need the best advice and guidance from someone you truly trust.

You can trust me to listen to your needs and really hear what you have to say. My job is to answer all of your questions and present the best possible programs for your goals and your budget. I want you to feel comfortable in your mortgage payment and be able to live well and have the funds you need each month to enjoy life.

I am also committed to communicating every step of the way with you. Never worry that you are asking too many questions because understanding the lending process is important. I am a resource for you and have your very best intentions at heart.

We do business differently at Fairway because each loan is much more than numbers on a paper – it is your dream for living in the house that you will turn into a home. Nothing would give me greater professional joy than to help make that transition easy and stress free for you by utilizing my years of experience in mortgage planning to assist you in making the best choices possible. When you are ready to buy or refinance your home, I am here to serve you in every way that I can. That is my commitment to you.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1996 by Steve Jacobson. Just five years after opening its doors, Fairway reached the $1 billion funded mark. With a strong focus on purchase business, we continue to grow each year, funding $17.5 billion in 2016.

Customer service is a way of life at Fairway. Not only are we dedicated to finding the best rates for our customers, we also offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. Our goal is to act as your trusted advisor, providing highly personalized service and guiding you through every step of the loan process. It’s all designed to exceed your expectations, guarantee your satisfaction, and earn your trust.

Fairway is dedicated to the highest level of service, demonstrated through consistent, informative communication with clients and their real estate partners. Our main priority is ensuring that the trust we are given is backed by accurate, on-time paperwork delivered with the best technology available. We strive to streamline the mortgage process for our clients and make it stress free for all parties involved.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is licensed in all 50 states and has headquarters in Madison, WI, and Carrollton, TX. Fairway works with the Federal Housing Authority and Freddie Mac.

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